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why hello there.

Love is supposed to be given unconditionally. If you give all your love to one person and they know and don’t give it back they are worth it. It’s taken me forever to realize this but I know one day I’ll find someone who I love and will love me back. #single #dontneedanyone #perfectlybrokenheart #hashtag

#whatmybrotherdoesonhisfreetime #sitsonmylegs #kissesthemirror

DAVID SCHWIMMER: We spent an enormous amount of time together those first several years. We wouldn’t want to leave each other. We’d go out to dinner after work, or we’d go to lunch together, or play poker, or just play games. I think we were genuinely having the time of our lives, and also there was something very bonding about how scary the whole experience was. We had the other five, like a very protective cocoon.

Hey my name is Lexie. I'm a California girl and a Freshman at BUHS!!!

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